Emotional intelligence: how to transform emotions into allies

Leadership demands to have a certain level of emotional intelligence, because the capacity of understanding its own reactions, and others, is essential to convince and to take along co-workers into a project. For a long time it was considered as a gift, this skill seemed to be perfectible only with time and experience, because of the lack of studies and knowledge about emotions. We didn’t have any tools or methods to practice and improve the emotional intelligence.

The aim of this training is to use the right tools and methods to develop its emotional intelligence and to use it for your leadership.


  • Increase its emotional consciousness
  • Development of a self-coaching of your emotional life.
  • Development of your leadership by shutting down negative feelings and by activating positive emotions.
  • Development of your ability to inspire motivation and wellness to collaborators.


Senior Executives in the private and public sectors.

Program content

  • Learning to identify the spectrum of emotions and the behaviours that comes with it for yourself and others.
  • Learning to identify negatives emotions and see how they can alliterate a communication with someone.  
  • Learning about the tools that will allow your leadership to grow in order to activate the motivation and positive emotion to your team and to enable the negative emotions. 
  • Role pay exercises


French or English

Practical information