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Our EU’s Open Competitions Discovery Course

You want to better understand the European selection procedures to become a European civil servant?

Join our EU’s Open Competitions Discovery Course.

Available in French and English, under the digital platform "360 Learning", our discovery course offers:

  • 4 pedagogical modules representing about 10 hours of training;
  • a better understanding of the rules and selection procedures of the EU’s open competitions
  • very practical advice to help candidates planning their preparation for EPSO’s tests (CBT, e-tray, Assessment Center);
  • recommendations for further reading (links, videos, resource materials);
  • self-assessment quizzes at the beginning of modules to allow learners to evaluate their knowledge of the EU competitions, and validation quizzes at the end of modules to check if they have correctly assimilated its content.

With this complete course, developed by our pedagogical team specialized in the preparation of EU’s open competitions for more than 15 years, the world of European competitions will no longer have any secrets for you. It is an essential tool for those considering applying for a European competition, and a useful complement to our face-to-face training courses, which focus more specifically on the methodology of the various tests.

Access to the course is valid for a period of 4 months and costs 160€.

For more information, please contact us at the following email address: prepa.concourslaACTIANTISPAM@ena.fr.

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