"Language comprehension tests" – Online self-assessment course

Are you preparing for the Administrators competition in the field of European law EPSO/AD/381/20 and you want to practice the language comprehension test?

Our course includes 5 tests or 60 multiple-choice questions. It will allow you to measure your level of comprehension in English.

  • 5 original tests (C1 level) developed by ENA with linguists and specialists from European competitions (+1 bonus);
  • 60 questions (+12 bonus) in total, i.e. 2.5 hours of training.

It offers a similar experience to the real conditions of the competition and can be retaken several times for a lasting learning process.

Access to the course is valid for a period of 4 months at a price of 65 €.

In order to access the paid course, if you do not already have a username and a password on the Moodle platform, you will need to create an account using the "Create an account" form.

Access to the "Language Comprehension Test Self-Assessment Course"