European Master’s degree in Governance and Administration (MEGA)

Application campaign for the 9th graduating class of the European Master’s degree in Governance and Administration (MEGA) is open (2017-2018 session).

An information meeting will be organized on the 23rd of June, from 17h to 18h at the Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA) – 2 Avenue de l’Observatoire (Paris). 

Registration for the meeting :

  1. Description and public
  2. Condition of admission
  3. Registration fees
  4. Course and timetable of 2017-2018 session
  5. Application for 2017-2018 session

Description and public

This French - German bilingual degree course is an ongoing training of civil servants. The MEGA is aimed at training to modern governance methods in the context of European and international cooperation. It contributes to develop a European network of dynamic and qualified young executives.

During the 40th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty, in 2003, the German chancellor and the President of the French Republic asked to their governments to set up a new joint training program in Public Administration. In this context, the European Master’s degree in Governance and Administration (MEGA) was created in 2005 and already welcomed eight graduating classes.

Since 2013, in order to better reflect the effective needs and availability of young executives of civil service and their employer, the MEGA has been organized in 4 units of formation in face-to-face of 14 days each, one unit of e-learning and one 9 weeks of internship.

This new format gives a targeted formation to the executives of civil service and private sector on realities of French-German cooperation, in a European perspective, while maintaining them employed during the formation and preparing them to take new responsibilities.

The formation will start in February 2017 and last 24 months. 

The Master’s degree is jointly delivered by the partner universities (ENA and the University of Potsdam, Germany).

Condition of admission

  • Master’s degree (first year) or equivalent
  • 5 years of work experience as top civil servant or in private sector
  • French and German fluent speaking ability

Registration fees

Registration fees are 10 000 € TTC.

Course and timetable of 2017-2018 session

  • Opening seminar (2 days - February 2017, Berlin)
  • Unit 1: Comparative analysis of state and administrative structures (2 weeks – March 2017, Paris)
  • Unit 2: European Union’s governance / Compared Public Management (2 weeks – June 2017, Potsdam, Berlin)
  • Unit 3: Management and administrative cooperation in Europe (2 weeks, November 2017, Strasbourg)
  • Unit 4: Public Policies in the European Union (2 weeks - March 2018, Berlin)
  • Internship (9 weeks between unit 2 and unit 4, recommended period: sept.nov. 2017 or jan.march. 2018)
  • Team research and Master’s thesis (Observation theme from March 2017 to March 2018; and Master’s thesis from May 2018 to October 2018)

Application for 2017-2018 session

MEGA application form for 2017-2018 session

Deadline for the submission of applications: September, 30th of 2016.

Download (424 kB, Word)

Applications can either be addressed to the Federal Academy of Public Administration or ENA.

Brochure MEGA 2017-2018

Pour obtenir des détails sur les objectifs et le cursus de la formation.

Download (549 kB, PDF)

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