Masters' degrees in Public management and Administration

This Master’s Degree is meant for the international student actually enrolled in the Long International cycle.   

The programme is co-directed by the ENA and the Institute of Political Studies which is part of Strasbourg University.  

The master’s programme is built on the curriculum followed by the Long international cycle students in ENA. This allows students to validate the training module on Local administration, and on Europe, as part of the master’s programme.

The curriculum

The complementary courses given by teachers of Strasbourg University deal with  economic and financial administration and are intended to give precise and complete knowledge in this field, in a national and European perspective., with a comparative approach. The curriculum includes the following :

  • Course: "Introduction to public administration" (Major legal systems, compared administration, Special Administrative Law, Public finances and public Accounting  Administrative Science)
  • Course: "Administration and Economic" (Public procurements, public-private partnerships, Business and Commercial Management, Control and Regulation of the Economy
  • Course : "Administration and Finances" (Rules and Governance Mechanisms in Public Finances, Basics in  Management Control and Public Performance Monitoring)

The curriculum results in the release of a thesis on public administration.