Preparing for the tests

Admission to the ENA and IRA international courses is selective.

To increase your chances of success, it is essential that you prepare for the entrance examinations. Furthermore, given that you will be studying alongside French students and carrying out internships in position of responsibility, you must also supplement your knowledge of France and its institutions and the European Union and its institutions by consulting the bibliography or using the links that you will find below.

Finally, to pass the oral examinations, you will need to demonstrate that you have a perfect knowledge of the history, geography, economics and the political and administrative institutions of your home country and demonstrate a sense of curiosity and interest in the societal issues facing the world today.

 Internet sites 

  • The Government Portal presents the outlines of government policy by theme, gives reference information (minutes of the Council of Ministers, Prime Minister.s speeches) and information about the Office of the Prime Minister,
  • The Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs presents on its website information about France under the following headings: France, France in Europe, France in the world, Current Affairs, Foreign Policy, and Coming to France
  • Service public (public service) is the key internet site for the French administration. It offers various headings: a directory of the administration, online services and downloadable forms, information on administrative procedures, etc. 
  • Vie publique allows the public to follow the development of public policies and dossiers on institutions and the main reforms in progress

Parliamentary assemblies website :

and also :

European Union :

The previous year’s examination tests can be downloaded here :