Short specialized international cycles (1 or 4 weeks)

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Conditions for admission

Applicant profile

The courses are organized for senior public servants in government departments, senior managers in public sector companies or similar, with evidence of at least three years’ professional experience and who:

  • are introduced by their government
  • hold a Masters or equivalent degree after at least four years’ higher education, or in certain cases who hold a position of responsibility demonstrating an equal level of competence

For courses delivered in French, a good working knowledge of French is essential.

Submitting applications

Online registration

Once the application done, the candidate must print the document, and send it to the Department of Cooperation and Cultural Action of the French Embassy in his/her country of residence.

The Embassy will forward it to ENA and do the follow up.

Provisional and Confirmed admission

Applicants selected by the selection committee are admitted provisionally and informed of this decision via the French Embassy.

Only applicants who are provisionally admitted and subsequently obtain funding to cover the costs of travel, accommodation, insurance and tuition will have their admission confirmed. Applications for a grant from the French government may be made to the French Embassy. Applicants may also apply for a grant from a private or public national or international institution or from the government that has presented them. This grant must be managed in France by an authorized body.

Attending the Short specialized international cycles

Once applicants have received confirmation of admission, they must make all the necessary arrangements to ensure they attend ENA on the first day of the course in question, after having taken care of all the necessary arrangements for their stay in Paris beforehand.

Applicants should therefore plan to arrive at least 24 hours before the start of the course. Any applicant attending after that date may be refused admission to the session and forfeit the grant obtained for the course. The short course attendance certificate will only be issued subject to the participant’s full, attentive participation.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for applicants not in receipt of a French government grant are as follows :

  • 1400€ for 1-week courses
  • 2300€ for 2-week courses
  • 3200€ for 2-weeks courses with SPOC (Small Private Online Course)
  • 3700€ for 4-week courses

Excluding compulsory insurance fees