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International opening

International opening

The need for international action imposed itself on the School as soon as it was created in 1945: in fact, it took only four years of existence to see the first foreign students among French students, as well as in long-term training cycles created specifically for this purpose.

Which was confirmed and developed from the 2000s onwards

After an initial period focused on supporting the creation of counterpart schools and the development of exchanges with foreign schools and universities, ENA merged in 2000 with the International Institute of Public Administration (IIAP), born in 1960 from the transformation of the “Ecole de la France d'Outre-Mer”, then in charge of administrative cooperation.

ENA then moved into training in European issues when the Strasbourg Center for European Studies, founded in 1995, was merged with the School in 2005, before being integrated in 2010.

The international dimension of ENA then asserted and developed and is today divided between:

  • welcoming foreign students in international cycles and specialized masters programs
  • partnerships with schools and institutes of administration 
  • institutional cooperation for the training of senior civil servants and training actions in support of public administration modernization programs
  • preparation for the European Union competitive examinations
  • training in European affairs

In addition to the various training programs for foreign students and the various Masters programs offered by ENA (click on the link to see the programs and Masters), ENA's cooperation activities are aimed at all countries wishing to exchange, compare, and develop new know-how related to training and the missions of senior administrative officials and public administration leaders around the world.

Operator of international administrative cooperation

ENA maintains privileged relations with foreign administrations and training schools for senior civil servants in more than 130 countries on five continents.

Areas of privileged partnerships have been defined, which are in line with France's foreign policy.