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The long international cycle (13 months + 1 optional month)


The long international cycle (13 months + 1 optional month *) is aimed at:

  • young civil servants from foreign public administrations in positions of responsibility and with real potential for development and influence;
  • or to young workers at the start of their professional career who are destined for a career in the public service of their country.

This program allows them to benefit from a joint training with the civil servant students of the ENA in initial training (FI), and in particular a 3-month internship which takes place according to their choice on international issues or on territorial issues.

* For writing and defending a Master's thesis


A 13-month training course possibly supplemented by a master's

CIL students follow a single internship lasting 3 months in an administration. The CIL curriculum breaks down as follows:

  • in September of year N in Strasbourg, one month of preparatory schooling for the internship including, in particular, updating of knowledge about contemporary France and its challenges, as well as the functioning of the French administration,
  • 3-month internship (October N to December N) in a public body chosen according to the student's professional project (central or decentralized administration, state operator, international body),
  • 8 months of schooling (January N + 1 to August N + 1) in Strasbourg jointly with civil servant students in initial training (including 4 weeks of leave in August),
  • for the majority of students, 1 additional month (September of year N + 1) for those who wish to write and defend a master's thesis.

The training leads to an international diploma in public administration with the mention "Long international cycle". It can be completed, in parallel, by one of the following three masters:

  • Masters' degrees in Public management and Administration

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  • Master's degree in Public Action in Europe

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  • Master's degree in Public Communication

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Conditions of admission

  • you do not have French nationality;
  • you have monthly resources at least equal to 1,500 euros per month, grants included where applicable;
  • you have an excellent command of the French language both orally and in writing;
  • you have a master's degree 1 or an equivalent course;
  • you are a civil servant, public official or, exceptionally, you have not yet entered professional life and you are planning a career with responsibilities in the public service of your country;
  • you exercise higher-level responsibilities as a civil servant or public official;
  • you have passed the selection tests organized by the School;
  • you have a good command of English.

Registration fees

The training is free.

The costs of the stay and the course are the responsibility of the student. They are valued at € 1,500 per month. A scholarship from the French government can be requested from the French Embassy. It can also be sought from a national or international, public or private institution, or from the government which presented the candidate.

Master registration fees:

For students wishing to follow one of the three Master's courses, a contribution to the tuition fees of € 500 is requested by the ENA. In addition, there is the payment of tuition fees to the university concerned (approximately € 260).

NB: French government scholarship students can be reimbursed for their participation in ENA tuition fees for the three CIL Masters courses, and are exempt from university registration fees for these same masters.

Multidisciplinary training, work-study...

The majority of CIL students follow lessons in common with French students in initial training (FI). The main themes concern:

  • human resources management, management and public innovation initiatives,
  • the economy and public finances,
  • public policies and territorial issues,
  • European and international issues.

 The schooling, alternating between teaching and internship, makes it possible to train field experts, senior officials who know how to analyze, but also manage and communicate.

Schedule CIL, CIP and CiIRA

  • Online registration from October 6 to November 19, 2021
  • Selection of candidates on file (by ENA) from November 22 to December 3rd, 2021
  • Transmission to the embassies of the list of candidates to be summoned for writing from December 6 to 17, 2021
  • Written tests organized from January 10 to 16, 2022 by the embassy services
  • Oral tests organized from March 14 to April 8, 2022 by the embassy services
  • Final selection committee: May 2022
  • The start of the IRA and CIL cycle is scheduled for September 1, 2022
  • The start of the CIP is scheduled for December 2022