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Launching event for the preparation of the Bulgarian presidency of the Council (first semester 2018)

Sofia, 26 January 2017

Training project awarded to ENA in consortium with EIPA to “improve capacity of the Bulgarian administration to participate in the EU decision-making process and to fulfill Bulgaria’s obligations”

Holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union is an important political and legal responsibility and a significant challenge to all those who exercise it from the political and legal viewpoint. Fulfilling successfully this mission represents a substantial workload but also a great opportunity to promote one’s country image within the European Union.

In 2017, in the perspective of the upcoming Bulgarian Presidency, ENA is implementing seminars, both in Sofia and in Brussels, aiming at reinforcing the skills of the future Chairs of the working groups/bodies of the Council of the EU. On the one hand, these sessions should allow participants to better understand the practices, procedures and working environment of the Council working group meetings. This is possible thanks to exchanges and experience-sharing with former Chairpersons of previous Presidencies. On the other hand, the sessions offer numerous simulation exercises aiming at developing key inter-personal skills necessary for the smooth flow of the negotiation process.

This cooperation project with Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Institute of Public administration illustrates ENA’s know-how in accompanying public administrations preparing for the exercise of the rotating Presidency of the Council and its expertise in the field of European affairs. Since 2008, more than 7500 civil servants from many Member States have participated in ENA’s courses.

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