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ENA's cooperation with the Americas

Each year, the ENA welcomes participants from many countries of the Americas in its international cycles, for example diplomats sent by the governments of Quebec, Mexico and Peru. North America: ENA mainly maintains relations with the public National School of Administration (ENAP) in Quebec City.

At the same time, ENA has also developed privileged bilateral partnerships with certain countries, mainly in South and Central America:

In Argentina,ENA maintains active cooperation with the support of the Institut français d'Argentine (IFA). This cooperation is mainly based on the following interlocutors :

  • INAP and the State Secretariat for Public Management, equivalent to the DGAFP, which are very involved in the selection process of candidates for international cycles. Two ENA training seminars have been held in Argentina with INAP since 2018.
  • The government of the province of San Juan: In 2018, the IFA financed an expert mission for the province of San Juan as well as a videoconference on public financial management. Since 2019, the government of the province of San Juan has committed to finance the participation of 5 auditors in short international programs of the ENA each year.
  • The ENA is also linked to the Institute of the Foreign Service of the Nation (ISEN) and to the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs through a cooperation agreement since 2017 in order to promote the hosting of Argentine diplomats in its international programs.

In Bolivia, ENA has a cooperation agreement with the School of Plurinational Public Management (EGPP) since 2017 to organize seminars in Bolivia on the topic of State modernization, change management and innovation.

In Brazil, missions of ENA experts have been organized every year since 2017 and cooperation continues to develop with 6 missions organized in 2019 and new missions planned for 2020.
ENA's main partners in Brazil are:

  • The National School of Public Administration of Brazil (ENAP, voir fiche ci-dessous).
  • ENA'Brasil de Santa Catarina School of Public Service, located in Florianopolis, trains civil servants in this state. The bilateral agreement signed with ENA in October 2013 was renewed in 2018. Two ENA training missions were organized at ENA'Brasil in 2017 and 2018 on international project management and on leadership.
  • in the feminine.
  • ENA also has a cooperation agreement with the Joao Pinheiro Foundation (FJP), the Government of the Federal District of Brasilia (GDF), the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) and the Institute of Public Law of Brasilia (IDP).

In Colombia, ENA's main partners are the Contraloria generale (Court of Auditors), the Procuraduria generale (Public Prosecutor's Office), the Instituto de Estudios del Ministerio Publico (IEMP) and, above all, the Escuela Superior de Administración Pública (ESAP).
ESAP was created on the model of ENA, with which it has a privileged relationship thanks to the support of our Embassy and the Colombian association of ENA alumni. During the meeting of the International Confederation of French and Foreign Associations of ENA Alumni in 2017 in Bogota, a new ENA/ESAP cooperation agreement was signed and a 3-day mission of a Spanish-speaking expert was subsequently organized in 2018 before new actions are currently underway.

In Mexico, ENA's administrative cooperation is organized around 3 main partners with whom cooperation agreements have been signed: the Ministry of the Civil Service, the School of Public Administration of the Federal District of Mexico City (EAPDF) and the Matias Romero Institute in Diplomatic Studies, under the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding between ENA and Mexico's Ministry of the Civil Service, during the visit of Ms. Arely GOMEZ, then Minister of the Civil Service, in March 2018, illustrates the desire to develop collaboration with this country and new projects are envisaged between ENA and its Mexican partners.

In Peru, the cooperation agreement between the Peruvian Ministry of External Relations, the French Embassy and ENA, signed in 2016, was renewed in 2019. It provides for the organization of training in Peru in the field of international relations and diplomacy.

In the Dominican Republic, ENA has developed a Master's degree in Public Management in partnership with the Ministry of Public Administration and the Pontificia Universitad Maestra y Madre (see the fact sheet below).

Several multilaterally funded projects have also enabled ENA to strengthen its presence on the American continent in recent years (refer to the link below).

Exemple d'action :

Coopération Enap Brésil

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Master République Dominicaine

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