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Agriculture at the crossroads of the food industry and sustainable development issues

L'ENA has the pleasure to invite you to a seminar on the future of European agriculture. The seminar which takes place from March 04h to March 08th in Brussels and on Thursday 21 May 2013 on Strasbourg (European parliament). The initiative has attracted an extremely high calibre of speakers. These speakers will be sharing highlights on the subject of agricultural policy, innovation, sustainability.
  • Seminar, Brussels, 8-12 April 2013
  • Jury, Strasbourg (European parliament), 21 May 2013

The economic and financial crisis, climate change and the food challenges we face have origins and impacts that go beyond the limits of one country, a region or even a continent. They affect the whole world. Globalization forces us to reconsider our traditional way of thinking, to seek global, coherent and effective answers to problems of food security, biodiversity, water, energy and nutrition. To these issues one should add the necessity to reconcile the political, economic, social, technological and environmental dimensions, sometimes divergent, if not contradictory. The first victim of these issues is the elaboration of European public policies.


This seminar targets European and international decisions makers in both the private and public sector (industry associations, free professionals, NGOs, institutional managers...) who are tasked with integrating the economic and environmental changes into their strategies and their actions.

Registration required before 8 March 2013

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