The principal curriculum

Created with ENA in 1945, the training program for high-ranking civil servants has evolved over time, adapting its teaching to the successive challenges faced by the French civil service.

In expanding on-the-job training periods (stages) so that they now include the European and local administration as well as the traditional prefectures, embassies and businesses, the initial curriculum gives students the chance to experience a great variety of different environments and responsibilities. In this way, graduates will be well prepared to work in the field, and lead complex projects in all areas of government action. The manner in which final grades are determined has also been re-examined, and each student’s course of study and training has become more personalized.

There are about 80 French students in each class in the initial curriculum for entrance into the higher civil service. Admission is only through competitive examinations. Thereare also some 30 foreign students selected for the long international cycle.

This internationally recognized program of training for excellence leads to a broad range of career outlets, both in France and abroad.