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“e-Tray Exercise” - Online self-assessment course

If you want to practice the e-Tray Exercise used under European Union competitions, you can use our online self-assessment course in addition to our face-to-face and distance trainings.

This course has been designed as a mock exam and is only accessible in English: during this timed test on a computer, candidates are invited to answer a series of questions using the documentation provided in an electronic mailbox.

This exercise aims to allow the jury to predict the professional performance of the candidates by assessing their general skills and their procedural knowledge, that is to say their way of behaving in given work situations.

The proposed e-Tray Exercise is based on the exercise presented by the ENA in face-to-face training in 2017. It incorporates feedback from candidates who passed this test in 2015 and 2017, and has been updated accordingly.

It offers candidates an interface faithful to the real conditions of the competition. The user can download the detailed corrections of the exercise and has the possibility of reworking the same course several times for a better understanding of the methodology to be followed and the good reflexes to adopt.

To summarise, this course offers candidates who wish to prepare for the e-Tray Exercise:

  • a training in English to be completed in the allotted time;
  • an overview of the actual conditions of the competition;
  • a downloadable detailed correction of the test.

Access to the course is valid for a period of 4 months at a rate of € 45.

To access the course, if you do not already have a username and password on the Moodle platform, you will need to create an account using the "Create an account" form.

Access to the online self-assessment course (e-Tray Exercise)