Career civil - servants and government employees' examination (concours interne)

The concours interne is intended for career civil servants or government employees with at least four years of effective service. Their professional experience is evaluated on the basis of a specific competitive examination.

In practice, civil servants entering the school through the concours interne enjoy a great variety of backgrounds in public service. There are professors and elementary school teachers, employees of local governments, hospital directors, officials of all ministries of the central government, military personnel, museum curators and others.

Conditions for taking the examination

  • Have French nationality or that of a member State of the European Union;
  • Provide proof of at least four years of government service (excluding training periods) as of December 31 of the year of the examination (as a career civil servant or employee of the central government, a local government, a public institution or an intergovernmental international organization).

The examinations

The entrance examination is in two phases: qualifying examination (admissiblité) and then, for those chosen, the examination for admission (admission). Both have several parts.

The qualifying examination : 5 essays written

  • Based on public law, economics and contemporary issues, social questions and Public Finances

The examination for admission

  • Oral examination on European Union questions
  • Oral examination on International issues
  • Interview with a panel
  • Interaction group assessment
  • Foreign Language (English will be compulsory in 2018)