Get ready for EU’s concours

Thanks to our recognised expertise and our comprehensive educational offer

Since 2003, the National School of Administration (ENA) has developed significant expertise on EU’s recruitment procedures.

Our EU Competitions Department is thus identified by the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) as a reference preparatory center for France. The main objectives of the EU Competitions Department are to inform, advise and prepare anyone who wishes to join the European civil service as a contractual agent or as a permanent agent through a selection procedure (so-called "CAST" procedures or EU’s open competitions). Thanks to our excellent results, we are France’s best preparatory center.

Open to everyone without prior selection, provided that they meet the conditions of eligibility for the targeted selection procedures, our trainings can take various forms:

  • short in class trainings (sessions ranging from half a day to three days) organized in France or in one of the EU Member States;
  • distance trainings planned according to demand (collective virtual classes via Classilio, individual coaching via Skype or FaceTime);
  • online courses to prepare for the various tests of EU open competitions but also to better understand the selection procedures (cf. our EU’s Competitions Discovery Course).

Dépliant concours UE - EN

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