The manager negotiator

The manager has to decide within its mandate, in a changing, evolving environment, where the decision making process is unstable. It means that the manager has to spend a certain amount of time negotiating the application of his or her decision. When to negotiate? How to negotiate without losing your aim? How to guarantee your legitimacy?


  • Learn how to define your mandate and your autonomy
  • Learn to be assertive
  • Learn to manage the stress level


Senior Executives in the private and public sectors.

Program content

  • Learn how to avoid conflict
  • Prepare a negotiation : define a strategy, behaviours and nurture the quality of your professional relationships
  • Conduct a negotiation learn how to manage the beginning and the conclusion of a negotiation; learn how to choose the optimal moments, the right speech, learn to be transparent and flexible and to make the difference between what’s negotiable and what is not.


French or English

Practical information