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Public speaking and leadership

It is not an easy thing to speak in front of a wide audience, during an inter-departmental meeting or in front of a jury, there is no improvisation possible.  It is crucial to be prepared in order to convince and captivate the audience. The speaker has to control his level of stress, his voice, his body language and deliver a clear message with a maximum of impact. The training is articulated between theory, methodology and practical exercises using virtual reality. 


  • Reinforcement of the ease at public speaking
  • Preparing the talk, working on the message to make it clear and short
  • Developing self-confidence and adaptability


Senior Executives in the private and public sectors.

Program content

  • Introduction to theme: understand the importance of the first moments of a communication.
  • Identify your natural quality and learn h to use them
  • Discover the speaker’s tool and practice with them – Virtual reality exercises
  • Discover your abilities and push your limit
  • Learn active listening
  • Bring a leader point of view
  • Identify and set up a goal and a message
  • Work on the shortness of the message to improve its impact Virtual reality exercises
  • Stress management
  • Work on your presentation
  • Learn how to answer questions and objections
  • Learn how to conclude

Academic methods

Small group up to 6 participants

Practical exercises using virtual reality, theory and methodology

Additional trainings

Master class the art of Leadership / Master class in public speaking


French or English

Practical information