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Digital Issue 2, Apr 2018

ETHOS Digital Edition

In this second issue of ETHOS Digital Edition, we feature views from James A. Riccio, Dean Schillinger, Theophilus Kwek, Stephanie Siow, Jason Chen and Jeff Cheah. Can sector-based training programmes be better designed? How can we combat diabetes beyond relying on personal choices? Can we rethink social responsibility in light of Singapore’s narrative of self-reliance? And is civic crowdfunding a viable option for funding public projects? Find out more in the new issue of ETHOS Digital Edition.

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Alvin Pang

In this second issue of Ethos Digital Edition, we continue to bring you a variety of perspectives of interest to the practice of public sector governance and leadership in Singapore.


Defeating Diabetes: A Conversation with Dean Schillinger, MD

Dean Schillinger

Dr Dean Schillinger proposes a whole-of-society battle plan for combating one of the most pervasive health issues in modern society.

Defeating Diabetes

Sector-Based Training that Works: A Conversation with James A. Riccio

James A. Riccio

MDRC’s James Ricco discusses how sector-based training can be made more relevant to both workers and employers.

Sector-Based Training That Works


Could Crowdfunding Work for Singapore’s Public Sector?

Jeff Cheah Weng Kiat, Jason Chen Fang Hao

Civic crowdfunding could offer a powerful new way to support more public projects and encourage community involvement.

Could Crowdfunding Work for Singapore's Public Sector?


Rethinking Responsibility

Stephanie Siow, Theophilus Kwek

Two young Singaporeans reflect on whether narratives of self-reliance may obscure deeper structural gaps.