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December 2017 Table of Contents


  • A Fair Game? Racial Bias and Repeated Interaction between NBA Coaches and Players
    Letian Zhang

  • Competition of a Different Flavor: How a Strategic Group Identity Shapes Competition and Cooperation
    Scott Sonenshein, Kristen Nault, and Otilia Obodaru

  • Toward a Theory of Using History Authentically: Historicizing in the Carlsberg Group
    Mary Jo Hatch and Majken Schultz

  • Pursuing Quality: How Search Costs and Uncertainty Magnify Gender-based Double Standards in a Multistage Evaluation Process
    Tristan L. Botelho and Mabel Abraham

  • The Paradox of Breadth: The Tension between Experience and Legitimacy in the Transition to Entrepreneurship
    Aleksandra Kacperczyk and Peter Younkin

Book Reviews

Richard Susskind and Daniel Susskind: The Future of the Professions: How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human Experts
Forrest Briscoe and Heidi Gardner

Robert A. Burgelman, Webb McKinney, and Philip E. Meza: Becoming Hewlett Packard: Why Strategic Leadership Matters
Benjamin Hallen

Lauren B. Edelman: Working Law: Courts, Corporations, and Symbolic Civil Rights
Brayden King

Natasha K. Warikoo: The Diversity Bargain and Other Dilemmas of Race, Admissions, and Meritocracy at Elite Universities
Ben A. Rissing