Innovation and digital transformation of the public sector

Formation du 9 au 20 décembre 2019 - Clôture des inscriptions le 9 novembre 2019

Digital technology, participation, ability to innovate: for several years, public action has been committed to making major changes to meet new expectations of the public, society and public officers. In France as in other countries, many initiatives are being undertaken, supported by the State, local government and public organizations, on a national and local level aimed at reducing the gap between the worlds of administration, innovation and design.

Provisional contents

  • The 10 principles of an exemplary line approach : concepts and reports of experience
  • Data : algorithms, sharing data, security, decision-making,transparency
  • State start-ups and the uberization of public services
  • Participatory democracy : civic tech and collaborative platform
  • Innovation by design : concept, applications
  • Behavioral approach : from the law to incitement - concept/examples
  • Learning expedition in third places


  • to understand the issues and the role of digital technologies in public policy (Big Data, development of digital administration, digital governance,civic tech, mechanisms of incubations, etc.).
  • to understand the issues and outcomes of a public action approach via innovation : users’ pathways, improving quality of service, supporting change, coproduction, impact,etc.).
  • to master new methods in the conception of public policy :nudge and a behavioral science approach, public policy design,agile management, collaborative approach, etc.


Directors, senior management from the civil service and local government, local elected officers, high ranking civil servants in charge of the relationship between administration and citizens


Part of the Winter School, this international program will allow you, senior civil servants and experts in public policies at central and or local level, of all over the world, to reinforce your knowledge and your skills through three international programs :

  • Innovation and digital transformation of the public sector
  • Local governance, smart cities and open government
  • Fighting corruption in 2019

But it will enable you as well, during these two weeks, to :

  • reflect upon innovation
  • participate to leaning expedition to lab and third places
  • share thoughts and ideas with guest speakers and high level experts
  • implement regional and national strategies with other students
  • develop your network
  • gain an understanding of ethics and administration – life transparency


  • Dates : December 9 to 20, 2019
  • Venue : ENA – 2, avenue de l’Observatoire – 75006 Paris
  • Tuition fees : 2300 euros for candidates without a French government grant (these fees will have to be paid in advance by transfer)

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