European Union and its economic partners / 16 – 18 November 2020 – residential training (Paris)

European Union and its economic partners / 16 – 18 November 2020 – residential training (Paris)

The European Union negotiates trade agreements with many partners around the world. Trade agreements open up new economic opportunities for the EU and third countries (trade liberalization, economic and financial cooperation, investment flows, growth, competitiveness, job creation). The objective of this training is to support countries in the negotiation and implementation of various aspects of these agreements. It also focuses on the intercultural dimensions, specificities of the negotiation framework and economic diplomacy challenges at different levels (procedural environment, format and content of trade negotiations and current negotiation deadlocks at regional and international levels).


  • To understand challenges of the EU trade policy
  • To decipherer the complexity of the negotiation processes within and with the European Union 
  • To grasp different dimensions of trade agreements (Economic Partnership Agreements, Free Trade Agreements, Association Agreements)
  • To get to grips with current European political and economic issues
  • To master the components and tools of European economic diplomacy
  • To seize negotiation challenges at the bilateral, regional and multilateral levels


International relations specialists, civil servants, diplomats, experts in charge of negotiating and implementing trade agreements



Program content

The program is intended to be highly interactive and participative, fueled with experience-sharing sessions, real life examples, case studies and role-play exercises. Participants will not only be able to understand different dimensions of European economic diplomacy, but also to develop interpersonal skills necessary to become an effective negotiator in a multicultural context.

Practical information

Venue : ENA, 2 Avenue de l’observatoire, 75006 Paris

Alexandrina SoldatenkoResponsable du pôle appui aux actions européennes