Environmental protection: European Union regulatory approach / 22-24 September 2020 – distance learning

Environmental protection: European Union regulatory approach / 22-24 September 2020 – distance learning

Global challenges, environmental protection and fight against climate change are the subject to joint action by European countries. Member States have gradually delegated many competences in this area to the European Union and speak with one voice in international negotiations. Several hundred directives, regulations and decisions are now in force and constitute one of the most complex and ambitious legal frameworks dedicated to environmental protection in the world. European action in this field is governed by the prevention principle, the precautionary principle and the polluter-pays principle. This seminar intends to decipher the complexities and specificities of the European Union's regulatory approach to the protection of the environment.


  • To understand principles and challenges of the European Union's environmental policy
  • To decipher the complexity of the EU legal framework in the different regulatory fields (chemicals and waste management, plastic, water, emerging issues of concern, environmental security, etc.) and to assess its effectiveness
  • To seize current challenges and emerging issues of concern (climate change, plastic pollution, particle pollution, environmental security)
  • To consider whether it is possible to reconcile environmental and human health protection with innovation and promotion of economic interests
  • To understand the role of different institutional (European Parliament) and non-institutional players in fostering and implementing the EU environmental policy


Specialists in environmental law, civil servants, agents from technical ministries, private sector representatives



Program content

The program is intended to be highly interactive and participative, fueled with experience-sharing sessions, real life example and case studies. Participants will be able to deepen their understanding of the EU environmental policy and to analyze the effectiveness of the EU legal instruments in targeted areas.

Practical information

Alexandrina SoldatenkoResponsable du pôle appui aux actions européennes