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Negotiating within and with the European Union

Formation du 1 au 5 juillet 2019 - Clôture des inscriptions le 3 mai 2019
Teaching language: English


The European Union is a product of negotiation. Its multi-layer and multi-player policy-making labyrinth is also a constant negotiation process taking place at different levels and involving a variety of actors. The specificity ot the European Union governance structure puts forward the purpose of reaching agreement on the realization of a common interest wehere conflicting interests are present. The European Union project is therefore a never-ending process or reconciling undeniable common aspirations. Moreover, the European Union is not only in itself a major site of negotiation, but also a major participant in multilateral negotiations. Many aspects of the Union's external relations are managed through negotiations and the European Union is considered a major negotiatior in different international contexts (United Nations, World Trade Organization, enlargement negotiations). The aim of this seminar is to allow participants to grasp the complexity and the distinctiveness of negotiation processes taking place within and with the European Union.

Provisional contents The program is intended to be highly interactive and participative, fueled with experience-sharing sessions, real life examples, case studies and role-play exercices. A combination of presentations, group activities and simulation exercises will allow to establish contacts and to share experience with experts and between participants on negotiating within and with the European Union. Participants will not only be able to understand the specificities of European negotiation but also to develop interpersonal skills necessary to become an effective negotiator in a European context.


  • Decipher the complexity of the European Union negotiation processes
  • Gain practice-oriented understanding of the specifities of the EU multi-layer and multi-player policy-making processes
  • Grasp the European Union procedural and working environment, formal and informal norms, rules and interactions
  • Understand how to position oneself constructively in the European Union multicultural context characterized by a common purpose and differing interests
  • Developed strategies and tactics for effective negotiating in various settings as the national, institutionnal and broader EU-levels
  • Improve inter-personal skills for effective communication in a multicultural context


  • Dates: July 1st to 5th, 2019
  • Venue: ENA - 2 avenue de l'Observatoire - 75006 Paris
  • Tuition fees: 1 400 euros for candidates without a French Government grant (these fees will have to be paid in advance by transfer).


People from the private and public sectors, civil servants, administrators, elected officials, legal professionals, consultants, agents and advisers concerned by European issues in the member States, candidate countries and third-party States.

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