The Americas

Relations between ENA and the American continent.

ENA’s activities on the American continent are extremely diverse.

  • as a conduit for French expertise in public administration and the training of civil servants;
  • as an information gateway for the European Union.  

In North America, ENA has developed relations with the EFP in Canada, making it possible to plan the creation of a joint leadership training programme for French-speaking senior officials, particularly from Canada and France.

With Quebec, ENA has developed regular cooperation with the ENAP , based on the organisation of joint seminars, the exchange of professors and the hosting of researchers.

In the United States, ENA has renewed its links with the John F. Kennedy School of Government: this has been translated into joint participation in the Symposium of Athens, cross-visits by representatives of ENA to Boston and the JFK to Strasbourg. A new project is starting up in June 2010 with the University of Pennsylvania and visits have been made to Columbia University and John Hopkins University

ENA has developed very solid relations in Latin America

Brazil is a highly valued partner in the region: ENA took part in the celebrations of the Year of France in Brazil by organising a joint symposium on the theme of “The professionalism and the consolidation of the public service in a context of public policy reforms” with ENAP in Brasilia.  

The partnership with the State of Santa Catarina was strengthened by the creation in September 2009 of “ENA Brasil” and the starting of teaching missions carried out by French contributors.  

In the Dominican Republic, cooperation increased in 2009 with ENA’s participation in the teaching of PUCMM for the training of civil servants, as part of the Masters in Public Management, under the auspices of the Secretary of State for Public Administration.
Other one-off actions demonstrate ENA’s influence in the region:

  • In Mexico: in 2009, the Federal District of Mexico created the EAPDF. On 1 December, the Director of ENA signed a cooperation agreement between ENA and the EAPDF which guaranteed ENA’s support and expertise for this new school. 
  • With Columbia: on 30 October, ENA organised a symposium in Paris on the theme of “Columbia: a Rule of Law facing up to reality”, in partnership with the French and Columbian Councils of State and the University of Paris I.  

Each year since 2006, ENA has organised a CISAP in Spanish, with the support of the BID .
These CISAP have covered two themes: "Formulación y evaluación de politicas publicas" and "Lucha contra la corrupción”.

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