North Africa – Middle East

Relations between ENA, North Africa and the Middle East  

Cooperation based principally on relations with schools of administration

ENA maintains historic links in North Africa and the Middle East, through the national schools of administration which exist in several countries. In North Africa, ties of cooperation developed firstly with ENAs in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia and more recently with the Higher Administration Institute in Morocco, which was created in 2002. With these schools, ENA supports either the post-secondary education or the continuing training of managers.  

In 2001, within the context of an agreement between the French and Syrian governments, ENA began to support Syria’s efforts to create a National Institute of Administration, a project which has been successful and is currently being followed up with annual teaching support, particularly in the form of training missions to this institution.

In the more specific area of training diplomats, diplomatic institutes and academies such as those in Tunis, Cairo and Algiers have called on ENA’s experience and networks of contributors in order to enhance the training of their diplomats.

Development of specific training programmes  

The recent request of the Egyptian National School of Administration to help update the knowledge of its managers through ad hoc training programmes organised in Cairo, in French and soon in Arabic, marks a new development in cooperation ties with the Middle East. A similar project is being carried out in the Lebanon with the Finance Institute

Finally, administrations and jurisdictions also call on ENA for one-off or regular training, on-the-job training, study visits or seminars. For example, the Algerian Cour des Comptes (Court of Accounts) or the Lebanese Finance Institute have hosted French experts or benefited from practical training, which gives them direct contact with French administrative

In addition to updating knowledge, this training is also an opportunity for the high-level officials who take part to exchange views and make comparisons with their French counterparts.

Networks and consortiums

ENA’s association with other French or European partners as part of a consortium in North  Africa and the Middle East makes it possible to create synergies on projects which receive funding and are of longer duration, for example ENA’s participation in a consortium of  universities for cooperation with the University of Bir Zeit in the Palestinian territories.

ENA is therefore part of a consortium of universities cooperating with the University of Bir Zeit in the Palestinian territories.

ENA’s participation in Euro-Mediterranean networks, such as Gift Mena for the North Africa and Middle East region, is also an important means of cooperating with these countries, or ARADO (arab administrative development organization), an organization affiliated to the Arab League, which has organized its last annual meeting at ENA in December 2010..  

Finally, in the context of multilateral funding, ENA is or has been a leader or partner in several projects, including in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia (see Multilateral activity).

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