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CISAP : Communication and diplomacy

Language course :  english
Duration : two weeks - 7th - 18th December 2015

Présentation and objectives

The digital era is undeniably changing diplomatic practice. In a context of the rise in power of civil society, of the globalisation of public opinion, and of the unprecedented increase in new means of communication, the Internet - and, in particular, its social networks - are seen and used as fully-fledged diplomatic tools.
Therefore, new technologies play a role in exercising a policy of influence in real time, effectively and at lower cost. Communication through the new media is a major strand of foreign policy, and over and above its traditional role of information, it is becoming a strategy that aims at upholding and promoting values and positions as well
as exercising an attraction on the largest possible target. Every diplomat must now absorb and master that reality in order to represent, negotiate, inform, and act, as well as getting to know her / his interlocutors and being known by them.
The cycle aims at presenting all the potentialities of new media in diplomatic work, and at acquiring the techniques and skills linked to refreshed, high-performance and tailored communication. The cycle is a practical one. It is facilitated by communication professionals and by experienced diplomats, and will give a significant amount of time to simulations.

Main themes

  • Communication and challenges relating to visibility, influence, and action world-wide - soft power
  • The role of a communications directorate and of a spokesperson
  • The relationship between diplomats and the media
  • Digital diplomacy: the impact of new information and communication technologies on the diplomat’s working methods
  • Web opportunities for diplomacy: using new supports - web sites, social networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, WebTV, Webmagazine)
  • Crisis communication
  • The security of diplomatic communications.


Diplomats and civil servants who are required to exercise responsibilities in matters of communication.

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