The long international course (CIL - 16 months)

Selection Process

The 2016 Selection Process for ENA and IRA Long-Term International Cycles is closed.

The next Selection Process will start in September 2017.


The Long International Course (16 months), is a general course. It helps students deepen their knowledge on European issues and become familiar with the French administration. This course allows them to benefit from the same training as the French students at ENA, who passed the entrance examinations, and in particular from two internships, one based on European Affairs and one on Regional Affairs (France).


The Long International Course (14 months + 2 months*) is aimed at young foreign civil servants and foreign public agents, and in some very exceptional cases, to foreigners who have shown a career plan that involves a commitment to public service in their countries of origin. The programme gives them the opportunity of benefiting from a training course that is in common with that of the ENA’s student civil servants drawn from three competitive admission examinations, in particular a 4-month placement in a public body, based on the student’s career path.

* For writing or defending a Master’s thesis

Course organization

The long cycle lasts from 16 to 18 months. The programme is as follows :

  • 1 month in December (year N-1) of preparation for the part in common with French students
  • 15 months in common with the French students from the three competitive examinations (courses in Strasbourg and internships in administrations in France or abroad). Foreign students follow two of the three modules comprising the common core of French students: Europe (European Affairs) and Territories (Regional Affairs).
  • 2 optional extra months (April and May of year N +1) to write and defend a final Master's Degree thesis.

Students who join the international long course each year can choose between three high-level professional Master’s courses organised as part of a partnership with prestigious universities.
Those pathways enable programme participants to acquire an additional specialisation of their choice in three domains related to public management:

  • Masters' degrees in public General administration

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  • Master's degree in Public Action in Europe

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  • Master's degree in Public Institution Communication

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Admission conditions

Candidates for the course selection procedure must:

  • be civil servants, public agents, or in very exceptional cases, provide evidence of a career plan in public service for the benefit of their countries of origin
  • hold a Master’s 1 degree or equivalent qualification
  • hold high-ranking posts, in the case of civil servants and public agents
  • speak and write fluent French
  • be proficient in English
  • pass the selection tests organised by the ENA
  • not be French nationals

Tuition fees

The program is free of charge.

Nevertheless the student will have to be able to pay for his general living internship expenses. The minimum wage required is about € 1,400 per month.

Tuition feesfor Masters

For students who wants to register for one of the two professional Masters programmes, ENA registrationfees is about € 500. Students also haveto check the University registration fees (about € 260).

NB : Students with a bursary from the Ministry of Foreign end European Affairs can obtain a total refund for the ENA Masters's participatory fees, and are exempted of the University registration fees for these Masters.

Bursaries may be available from national or international institutions, public or private, or from the government presenting the applicant. Bursaries may also be applied for from the cooperation and cultural action department ("SCAC") of the French Embassy in the student's

Calendar CIL, CIP and CiIRA

  • Application forms must be done one line on the ENA website between September 20th and November 20th 2016
  • Pre-admissibility tests will be organised by the French Embassy departments between 10 and 30 November 2016
  • Admissibility tests will be organised between 14 and 20 December by the French Embassy departments
  • Entrance oral examinations will be organised between March and April 2017
  • Final meeting of ENA’s and IRA’s selection board : end of April 2017
  • The IRA International Course and the Long International Course will begin in September 2017
  • The International Advanced Training Course will begin in December 2017

Preparing for the tests

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